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card+frame set

Our Selling Price: JPY1,000(tax included)
Weight: 500g
Kyoka Izumi's short story "Of flowers and herbs”.

A young medical student who goes into a deep mountain to get herbs to cure a loved one's illness.
A woman carrying a flower basket that he meets there...

Takato Yamamoto drew "Of flowers and herbs-Crimson in the moonlight" to pray for the convergence of COVID-19.
We put the postcard in a small frame.

A part of this sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center. We will report the donation on the official website at a later date.

* For those who place an order, we will enclose a leaflet of "Izumi Kyoka Kinenkan Yamamoto Takato" Nihon Yugen Kitan ". (Ends as soon as it runs out)

・There are white and black frames, and you can choose either one.
・ Frame outer dimensions 136 x 186 mm
 Window dimensions 88 x 138 mm
 Postcard 100 x 148 mm
・ Postcards and surface protection sheets can be taken in and out through the upper slit.
  You can raise the back stand and hang it on the desktop card stand or on the wall.

This good manufactured by Uptight Co., Ltd.

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