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DIPTYCH[Hiroshi Nonami]

Our Selling Price: JPY11,000 (tax incl.)
Weight: 1200g
quantity:  set

DIPTYCH (limied edition of Aphrodisiac & Euphoric)

a set of Aphrodisiac & Euphoric (limited canvas jackets) with original tote bag
Limited 500 set

signed and numbered

Nonami's latest collection is two photo anthologies titled "Aphrodisiac" and "Euphoric". (The subtitle of the series "Diptych" is the term used to describe a two-panel painting that decorates the background of an altar. It is also used as the name the method for displaying two images next to each other as a single work in the world of photography. )
This is a limited edition of a set of 2 titles signed by the artist.

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